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  • Hahn, James F.; Ryckman, Nathaniel (Code4Lib, 2012-10-03)
    This article describes the development of the Minrva library app for Android phones. The decisions to build a native application with Java and use a modular design are discussed. The application includes five modules: ...


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  • Avery, Susan; Hahn, James F.; Zilic, Melissa (Taylor & Francis, 2008-10-11)
    Given the many changes in our students and their study and research practices, libraries are finding it necessary to seek new ways to reach these students. The Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois at ...


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  • Jin, Qiang; Hahn, James F.; Croll, Gretchen (American Library Association, 2016-10)
    With support from an internal innovation grant of the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign, researchers transformed and enriched nearly 300,000 e-book records in their library catalog from Machine-Readable ...


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  • Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke (2016-05-26)
    Librarians are – by both their professional values and ethics as well as often by state law – committed to protecting user privacy and intellectual freedom. The networked environment has transformed information seeking, ...


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  • Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke (2016-05-24)
    ACRL has an expansive set of information literacy documents. How can librarians develop programs that are guided by professional standards and guidelines while reflecting local context and needs, particularly in light of ...


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