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  • Hahn, James F. (American Library Association, 2017-05-15)
    This chapter is a review of VR Hardware, VR apps, and use cases for VR's application to research and teaching within library settings. The chapter concludes with a summary of development requirements related to staying ...


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  • Jennifer Hain Teper; Cheri Lynn Schneider (2017-04-26)
    This two hour presentation will help attendees better discern between original photographic prints, photo-reprographic processes, and various illustrative processes, as well as better understand some basic preservation ...


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  • Illini Go 
    Franco, Sandra, M; Singh, Ravijot; Pan, Yiting; George, Daniel (2017-05-04)
    Illini Go is a mobile based virtual tour guide designed for students to explore and contribute to our university’s 150 years of myths, legends, and historical facts.


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  • Arensdorf, Matthew; Chen, Emily; McCarthy, Mark (2017-04-27)
    We introduce a website that overlays the accessibility floor plans of 100+ university buildings onto Google Maps, allowing students with disabilities to dynamically navigate around campus and view the available accessibility ...


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  • Searing, Susan E. (2009)
    This recent history of the LIS Library supplements the historical essay by Patricia Stenstrom that appeared in Ideals and Standards: The History of the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information ...


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