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  • Mathews, Emilee (American Library Association, 2021-07)
    This study stems from a simple question: how do libraries reflect the communities they serve? The research analyzes a subset of periodical literature to measure how women are reflected, specifically women of color, in ...


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  • Kenfield, Ayla Stein; Lampron, Patricia; Han, Myung-Ja K. (2021-07-20)
    Presented at the LD4 2021 Conference on Linked Data: Building Connections Together: In an effort to improve access to content across multiple digital services, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library set ...


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  • SCHWIEDER, David; HINCHLIFFE, Lisa Janicke (2018)
    As the volume of academic library value research has continued to increase, the resulting literature has grown complex and sprawling. This article takes stock of this body of work, using a review of the published research ...


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  • Appedu, Sarah (Published for the University Library, Eastern Michigan University, by LOEX Press, 2021-05)
    The proliferation of technology in the past decade has rapidly changed information behavior. In response, information literacy instruction has expanded to include critical practices to help students examine how biases shape ...


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  • Keralis, Spencer D.C.; Yakin, Syamil (2021-03-08)
    This survey, conducted between March 8 and April 16, 2021, is to assess the experiences of transgender patrons seeking information and services in the University Library. The survey instrument is licensed for reuse and ...


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