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  • Hahn, James F.; Jin, Qiang (2017-06-23)
    Presentation on transforming MARC XML to BIBFRAME resources. Enrichment process, tools, and evaluation of the transformation are enumerated. Particular attention is paid to analysis of web search hits for transformed ...


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  • Lampron, Patricia; Han, Myung-Ja; Kudeki, Deren (2016-11-03)
    As many academic and research libraries are considering or have already started developing digital scholarly publishing programs, these programs need to find a proper way to create metadata for access to these new publications. ...


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  • Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke (2017-06-01)
    Presentation for the Library 2.017 Conference on Digital Literacy & Fake News


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  • Zhang, Qian (2017-05-29)
    This is a Readme template for data documentation.


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  • Cheng, Yuan; Ke, Deyuan (2017)


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