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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2012-05-23)
    This presentation which was made to the University of Illinois Urbana campus IT Council group summarizes the key recommendations of the Campus Data Storage and Services Task Force.


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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2011-11-09)
    The University of Illinois Campus Data Storage Task Force presented an update on its work at the November 9, 2011 IT Pro Forum in Champaign, Illinois. The update included a report of the results of a campus survey of data ...


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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2012-03-09)
    The Task Force on Data StorageServices was charged with several responsibilities: surveying the local and peer institution practices around data storage and services, identifying unmet needs, and recommending both solutions ...


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