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Title:Exploiting Wireless Broadcast by Opportunistic Packet Splaying
Author(s):Raghunathan, Vivek; Cao, Min; Kumar, P.R.
Subject(s):IEEE 802.11
Floor acquisition
Packet combining
Wireless broadcast
Abstract:The IEEE 802.11 random access MAC suffers from expensive channel acquisition costs which are exacerbated by the use of TCP. This floor acquisition mechanism is primarily a way to fashion unicast "links" out of what is fundamentally a broadcast medium. The main thesis of this paper is that such unicast usage of the wireless channel is unnecessary, and that once the floor has been acquired, we can instead "splay" packets to as many potential receivers as possible using the fact that wireless is a broadcast medium. Splay is placed between the IP and MAC layers and reduces the expensive cost of channel acquisition by opportunistically combining packets intended for different receivers. Splay allows for the use of sophisticated coding approaches to augment the IEEE 802.11 stop-and-go ARQ. This also helps prevent IEEE 802.11 from incorrectly backing off exponentially in response to fading losses on intermediate quality links, which are quite common in practice. We are currently implementing Splay as a Linux kernel module.
Issue Date:2006-08
Publisher:Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Series/Report:Coordinated Science Laboratory Report no. UILU-ENG-06-2217, DC-225
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:DARPA / N66001-06-C-2021 and N00014-0-1-1-0576
AFOSR / F49620-02-1-0217
NSF / NSF CNS 05-19535, ANI 02-21357, and CCR-0325716
USARO / DAAD19-01010-465
DARPA/AFOSR / F49620-02-1-0325
Vodafone Graduate Fellowship
Date Available in IDEALS:2018-04-03

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