Undergraduate Research Symposium 2018

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  • Ejub, Sabit; Starr, Matthew L. (2018-04-19)
    Membrane fusion is a necessary process that allows eukaryotic cells to carry and deliver cargo between organelles. The mechanisms and machinery involved in membrane fusion are conserved throughout eukaryotes, so the yeast ...


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  • Flores, Paola (2019-02-18)
    The Ku Klux Klan first emerged on American soil in 1866. The Klan’s influence during this time even allowed for organizations to be established on college campuses, such as the University of Illinois. Although the name of ...


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  • Ye, Di; Schneider, Jodi (2018)
    We will estimate how retracted research spreads through citation. Our goal is to understand how retracted research gets cited and used using the citation network for one particular article, Matsuyama et al. 2005, about a ...


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  • Yang, Ran (2018)
    The actin cytoskeleton is an essential component for cell shape and function. Yet our understanding of how cells control actin assembly is still limited. Studies have found that a family of proteins, known as Collapsin ...


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  • Bucio, Jose L.; Chang, Zack J. (2018)
    As climate change remains a problem in the United States, renewable energy provides an optimal solution to replace fossil fuels using the energy available from the sun, wind, and water. Unfortunately, developing renewable ...


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