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Title:Optimizing Accessibility Training in Online Higher Education
Author(s):Heap, Tania; Thompson, Marc
Subject(s):Online accessibility
accessible education
universal design training
faculty development
Abstract:In higher education and technology-enhanced learning environments, there is an increasing need for faculty members, instructional designers, and other learning professionals to be aware of and to use technologies and other learning and teaching tools that are accessible to all students, regardless of disability or other additional need. In this study, we evaluated our experience in training faculty members and eLearning professionals in accessibility and universal design principles, and we investigated the impact of these training workshops on the professional lives of faculty and eLearning professionals, as well as the impact on the overall quality of the University's course design and instructional materials. The aim of this study was to best address the specific needs of faculty and eLearning professionals in a wide variety of discipline areas, such as Veterinary Medicine, Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. Overall, our training analysis is aimed at empowering faculty and eLearning professionals to effectively create and deliver more universally designed instruction. As such, the ultimate beneficiaries of our study will be the students, who will have access to more accessible educational materials created according to universal design principles.
Issue Date:2018-03-23
Citation Info:Heap, T.P., and Thompson, M. (2018) Optimizing Accessibility Training in Online Higher Education. Proceedings of 33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, March 20-23, San Diego, CA.
Genre:Presentation / Lecture / Speech
Working / Discussion Paper
Conference Paper / Presentation
Date Available in IDEALS:2018-04-22

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