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Database Management and Analysis of Fisheries in Illinois
Kassler, Todd W.; Illyes, Robert F.; Benjamin, Darren M.; Philipp, David P. • 2000

Final Report on the National Biological Survey- State of Illinois Partnership
Page, Lawrence M.; Nevling, Lorin I.; Hill, Steven R.; Larimore, R. Weldon; Crowder, James W.; Phillippe, Loy R.; Methven, Kathleen R.; Robertson, Kenneth, R.; Tate, Jennifer A. • 1996

The Spanish of Corpus Christi, Texas
Marrocco, Mary Anne Wilkinson • 1972

Hunter Activity and Wildlife Harvest in Illinois: County Averages for 1989-1993
Anderson, William L.; Campbell, Linda K.; Witzany, David M. • 1995

Illinois Waterfowl Surveys and Investigations W-43-R-52, Annual Federal Aid Performance Report July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005
Horath, Michelle M.; Stafford, Joshua D.; Hine, Christopher S.; Yetter, Aaron P.; Bowyer, Matthew W. • 2005

Fisheries Analysis System (FAS): An Overview
Bayley, Peter B.; Austen, Douglas J. • 1987

Complement Structures in Spanish
Nuessel, Frank Henry, Jr. • 1973

Growth and Survival of Nearshore Fishes in Lake Michigan
Creque, Sara M.; Dettmers, John M. • 2003

Illinois Forest Watch: Forest Monitoring Manual-Teacher Guide
Blair, Robert B.; Schwartz, Mark W. • 1996