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Oral History with Tim Romine, October 10, 2022
Illinois Fire Service Institute

2022 Annual User Satisfaction Survey Evaluation Report
Wernert, Julie A.; Miles, Tonya A.; DeStefano, Lizanne

Long-term Survey and Assessment of Large-River Fishes in Illinois, 2021
DeBoer, Jason A.; Whitten, Andrya L.; Hine, Eric C.; Chick, John H.; Lamer, James T. • 2022

Illinois Waterfowl Surveys and Investigations W-43-R-69 Annual Report 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022
Fournier, Auriel M.V.; Bradshaw, T. ; Gilbert, Andrew D.; Kross, Chelsea A. ; Osborn, Joshua M.; Askren, Ryan J.; Beach, Cheyenne R.; Cremer, Chad; Pietrunti, Nicole; Ward, Michael P. • 2022

Diversification in options / BEBR No. 721
Sears, R. Stephen; Trennepohl, Gary L.