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Faculty, staff, and graduate students can deposit their research and scholarship—unpublished and, in many cases, published—directly into IDEALS. Departments can use IDEALS to distribute their working papers, technical reports, or other research material.

IDEALS also includes all electronic theses and dissertations deposited from Fall 2010 onward.

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  • Mei, Angelina; Zhou, Weinan; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Dailey, Megan J. (2018-04)
    It is known that obesity causes the morphology of lining of the small intestine, the epithelium, to change. It causes the villi, the finger like projections responsible for nutrient absorption, to be longer. It also causes ...


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  • Bido-Medina, Richard O. (2018-04)
    Yes! The mosquito did it again. Since the beginning of the current Zika virus outbreak in 2016, 3-4 million adults have been infected, a subset of which has suffered severe neurological complications. This raised multiple ...


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  • Beckett, Courtney (2018-04)
    Have you ever wondered why strawberry candies, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry yogurt all taste differently? How about why different brands of the same type of liquor taste dissimilar? A variety of aroma chemicals ...


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  • Northeastern Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (2010-01-01)
    Hydrilla is an invasive aquatic plant that can be very detrimental to fishing, boating, swimming and waterfront property values. This 3 x 5 inch waterproof identification card helps individuals properly identify hydrilla.


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  • Zhang, Xiaotian (2018-04)
    Granular materials such as packing of randomly organized rods have been studied experimentally, while numerical methods are yet to be established. Our simulation approach captures the dynamics of elastic rods and contact ...


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