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The Department of Computer Science is recognized throughout the world as a leader in education and research. The department and its graduates have long been at the forefront of modern computing beginning with the ILLIAC in 1952, and continuing with the creation of Mosaic, the first graphic web browser, through the most recent Internet era.

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  • Tusil, Jan; Chen, Xiaohong (2022-05)
    Matching logic is a logic that serves as the foundation of the K formal semantics framework. Through K, many programming languages have been given formal semantics in the form of a matching logic theory. The K framework ...


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  • Roberts, Dominic (2021-07-12)
    The digitalization of the construction industry has led to workflows of modern construction projects relying on visual data. In particular, cameras are used for monitoring progress and construction resource activities, and ...


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  • Chen, Jianyan (2021-07-19)
    Today’s distributed system infrastructures usually consist of multiple systems that cooperate to deliver computing and storage services together. The reliability of distributed system infrastructures not only depends on ...


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  • Sun, Mingxi (2021-07-23)
    We explore approaches to improve over existing amodal prediction models for the task of semantic amodal instance level video object segmentation, i.e., the task to delineate objects and their occluded parts in video data. ...


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  • Agarwala, Disha (2021-07-19)
    Threshold cryptosystems eliminate a single point of failure by distributing the root of trust in applications like key management-as-a-service, signature schemes and encrypted data storage. However, existing threshold ...


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