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The Department of Computer Science is recognized throughout the world as a leader in education and research. The department and its graduates have long been at the forefront of modern computing beginning with the ILLIAC in 1952, and continuing with the creation of Mosaic, the first graphic web browser, through the most recent Internet era.

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  • Chen, Xiaohong; Rosu, Grigore (2019-07-31)
    This paper proposes a logic for programming languages, which is both simple and expressive, to serve as a foundation for language semantics frameworks. Matching mu-logic has been recently proposed as a unifying foundation ...


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  • Kasampalis, Theodoros; Guth, Dwight; Moore, Brandon; Serbanuta, Traian Florin; Zhang, Yi; Filaretti, Daniele; Serbanuta, Virgil; Johnson, Ralph; Rosu, Grigore (2019-07-16)
    This paper proposes IELE, an LLVM-style language, together with a tool ecosystem for implementing and formally reasoning about smart contracts on the blockchain. IELE was designed by specifying its semantics formally in ...


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  • li, Hongyang; Dan, Gyorgy; Borisov, Nikita; Nahrstedt, Klara; Gunter, Carl A. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019-06-17)
    Dynamic charging is an emerging technology that allows an electric vehicle (EV) to charge its battery while moving along the road. Dynamic charging charges the EV’s battery through magnetic induction between the receiving ...


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  • Ren, Wenyu; Yardley, Timothy; Nahrstedt, Klara (2019-04)
    The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the most commonly used industrial control system but is subject to a wide range of serious threats. Intrusion detection systems are deployed to promote the ...


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