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The Department of Computer Science is recognized throughout the world as a leader in education and research. The department and its graduates have long been at the forefront of modern computing beginning with the ILLIAC in 1952, and continuing with the creation of Mosaic, the first graphic web browser, through the most recent Internet era.

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  • Liu, Tianyuan; Guo, Hongpeng; Lui, King-Shan; Jin, Haiming; Nahrstedt, Klara (2017)
    Wireless sensors and measurement devices are widely deployed in oil and gas refineries to monitor the health of the pipes. These sensors are deployed along the pipes in an open area and thus are subject to large scale ...


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  • Thakoor, Omkar P (2017-04-26)
    In recent times, the use of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for tasks which involve high endurance or perilous environments, has become increasingly vital. A typical problem is that of information collection, in particular ...


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  • Zhang, Keyang (2017-04-27)
    With the ever-increasing urbanization process, systematically modeling people's activities in the urban space is being recognized as a crucial socioeconomic task. This task was nearly impossible years ago due to the lack ...


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  • Li, Dengfeng (2017-04-25)
    Given the ever increasing number of research tools to automatically generate inputs to test Android applications (or simply apps), researchers recently asked the question “Are we there yet?” (in terms of the practicality ...


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  • Ho, Po Shiun (2017-04-24)
    The major objective of this study is to examine the persuasive effect of comic-form messages compared to plain text messages on social network. We evaluated and compared several different comic parameters to understand the ...


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