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The Department of Computer Science is recognized throughout the world as a leader in education and research. The department and its graduates have long been at the forefront of modern computing beginning with the ILLIAC in 1952, and continuing with the creation of Mosaic, the first graphic web browser, through the most recent Internet era.

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  • Li, Liyi; Gunter, Elsa L. (2018-06-25)
    K (Roşu and Şerbănuţă, 2010) is a rewrite-based executable semantic framework in which programming languages, type systems and formal analysis tools can be de ned using con gurations, computations and rules. In this paper ...


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  • Stephens, Sam C (2018-05)
    Maude is an equational and rewriting logic specification tool. It allows a unique and simple way of specifying concurrent programs and lends itself nicely to verification. This senior thesis focuses specifically on patterns ...


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  • Duran, Francisco; Meseguer, Jose; Rocha, Camilo (2018-03-20)
    Terminating functional programs should be deterministic, i.e., should evaluate to a unique result, regardless of the evaluation order. For equational functional programs such determinism is exactly captured by ...


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  • Meseguer Jose (2018-03-19)
    A new notion of generalized rewrite theory suitable for symbolic reasoning and generalizing the standard notion is motivated and defined. Also, new requirements for symbolic executability of generalized rewrite theories ...


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  • Acun, Bilge (2017-12-06)
    Power consumption and process variability are two important, interconnected, challenges of future generation large-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers. For example, current production petaflop supercomputers ...


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