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The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Illinois is a top-ranked department recognized for excellence in education, research and service to society. Selected publications, presentations, and research from faculty, researchers, and graduate students of the CEE Department including in Structural Engineering can be found here.

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  • Qamhia, Issam; Tutumluer, Erol; Ozer, Hasan (Illinois Center for Transportation/Illinois Department of Transportation, 2018-10)
    Research efforts at the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT) focused on evaluating new sustainable applications of Quarry By-products (QB) or QB mixed with other marginal, virgin, or recycled aggregate materials in ...


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  • Osouli, Abdolreza; Tutumluer, Erol; Vaughn, Brent (Illinois Center for Transportation/Illinois Department of Transportation, 2018-10)
    In pavement unbound aggregate layers, fines content (passing No. 200 sieve size or finer than 0.075 mm) characteristics influence the aggregate matrix strength and the modulus and deformation behavior. A laboratory ...


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  • Fermandois, G.A.; Spencer, B.F., Jr. (Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign., 2018-09)

    Real-time hybrid simulation is an efficient and cost-effective experimental testing technique for performance evaluation of structural systems subjected to earthquake loading with rate-of loading behavior. To assess the ...


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  • Li, Weixi (2018-04-26)
    Railroads play a critical role in the transportation and economic prosperity of North America. Train safety has improved considerably over the past decade. However, with the large volume of traffic, accidents still occur. ...


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  • Ladell, Bridget Anne (2018-04-23)
    A 14-day study was conducted in a closed system taking triplicate environmental DNA (eDNA) water samples from 150 L tanks containing set numbers of invasive Silver Carp. Analysis eDNA samples typically involves only targeting ...


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