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No additional materials will be added to this collection as the project has ended.

The IMLS Digital Collections and Content (DCC) project was a five-year effort at the University of Illinois to build a national infrastructure for adaptable, interoperable, and sustainable digital collections. This collaboration with IMLS and IMLS-funded projects supports IMLS' mission to create a nation of learners and sustain cultural heritage.

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  • Wickett, Karen M.; Renear, Allen H.; Urban, Richard J. (2010-10-25)
    Collections of artifacts, images, texts, and other cultural objects are not arbitrary aggregations, but are designed to support specific research and scholarly activities. Collection-level metadata directly supports this ...


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  • Palmer, Carole L.; Zavalina, Oksana L.; Fenlon, Katrina S. (American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2010-10-25)
    At present there are no established collection development methods for building large-scale digital aggregations. However, to realize the potential of the collective base of digital content and advance scholarship, ...


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  • Urban, Richard J.; Wickett, Karen M.; Renear, Allen H. (2010-07-29)
    This paper describes the development of a testbed for formalized categories of collection-item metadata relationships. Because these categories are characterized using logic-based formal languages and are most naturally ...


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  • Zavalina, Oksana L.; Palmer, Carole L.; Jackson, Amy S.; Han, Myung-Ja K. (Haworth Press, 2008-12)
    When many collections are brought together in a federation or aggregation, the attributes of the original collections can become difficult to discern. Collection-level metadata has the potential to provide important context ...


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  • Wickett, Karen M.; Renear, Allen H. (2010-05-14)
    Update on the Collection/Item Metadata Relationships working group of the IMLS Digital Collections and Content project.


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